How to create order record for recurring payments automatically?

To create order for every recurring payment do the following :

Go to webhooks in account settings of your stripe account.

Click on ‘add webhook endpoint’ and add the link provided below.

Select ‘Select Event’ option and check ‘charge.succeeded’ and ‘charge.failed’ and click on Create Endpoint.

Stripe Webhook Endpoint URL : – Replace ‘yourevent’ with the name of your event.

Why Dryfta asks for my event title, date and venue?

Everything on Dryfta is about event. So to use it, one has to add the very core of the event i.e. event name, date and venue. Based on that, Dryfta processes every other systems including ticketing, program schedule and other apps. It is mandatory to add these details.


Dryfta does not need ticketing details when you’re only using the platform for abstract submissions and peer reviews. But you still have to add the event details to make the website display Your event’s name and date, and not the default ones.

How to set up an Invite-only Event Registration and Ticketing website?

Note: If it’s a free event, simply let users create account from the account creation page ( and enable option to automatically assign “attendee” role to all users who create their accounts.

Go to Contacts Settings to enable Invite-only registrations. Under Enable Invite-only registrations, generate a code and share that with your prospects. They would need to enter that code when registering for the event. See screenshots.

That’s all you need to do to set up your invite-only event registration form.

To customize the account creation form with your own questions including event dates on which they would be available, go to Forms & Data > Form builder and click on Add New Field button in the top right corner.