How to create order record for recurring payments automatically?

To create order for every recurring payment do the following :

Go to webhooks in account settings of your stripe account.

Click on ‘add webhook endpoint’ and add the link provided below.

Select ‘Select Event’ option and check ‘charge.succeeded’ and ‘charge.failed’ and click on Create Endpoint.

Stripe Webhook Endpoint URL : – Replace ‘yourevent’ with the name of your event.

How to enable public profile for reviewers?

To enable public profile for anyone, you need to first assign the attendee role to the contact.

Go to Contacts. Click on Reviewers tab. See screenshot.

Click on a Reviewer’s name, assign the attendee role and click on Save. 

The public profile option is now being displayed. Enable it.

If you want to enable public profile for multiple reviewers at once, do the following:

Go to Reviewers tab.

Select all reviewers in the list.

Click on Bulk Edit button (hover on Actions). See screenshot.

Select Assign Roles from the dropdown and enable Attendee role.

Click on Save. This would assign the attendee role to all of the selected reviewers.

Now, select the reviewers again, click on the Bulk Edit button, select Public profile settings from the dropdown and enable public profile for selected reviewers. See screenshot.

How to create Survey forms?

To create survey forms, go to Form builder and follow the steps below:

  1. Click on Add New Form button
  2. Enter a name for the form
  3. Select Survey form in the From type option.
  4. Click on Save. 

This will create your form, and a link to the newly created Survey form under Website builder > Navigation

Now click on Add new field to create questions in your form.

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Why I’m unable to add a co-author to my abstract?

Here’re three scenarios in which you would be unable to add a specific co-author to your submission:

Scenario 1: If an abstract is assigned to a reviewer, then this reviewer can not be added as co-author in the same abstract.

Scenario 2: If organization check is enabled, then the reviewer of the same organization as one of the co-authors of the abstract, can not be added as a co-author.

Scenario 3: If the co-author has already been included in maximum number of submissions that is allowed by the organizers, submitter would not be able to that co-author on additional abstracts.

Why the co-author’s information is being overwritten?

Here’s what has happened:
If a co-author already exists in the system (probably because another submitter submitted an abstract and added this co-author), the system does not allow the submitter to make any changes to the co-author’s profile.
So, if “Submitter” has added “co-authors” who already have a profile in the system from a different abstract submitted earlier, the “Submitter” would be able to add them to her abstract but would not be able to update their profile.
The reason system does not allow submitter to add information about a co-author who exists in the system is to prevent any submitter from being able to edit their profile information they have added on their own. 
An admin can update the co-author’s information from under Contacts Management in the backend, however.