What control would we have over the content once our event is over? Is there a way that we could export our information?

the event is over, your event website remains up and running till you
wish to delete it. However, the access backend is revoked once your plan
subscription is over. You can export your data anytime. Data includes
attendees, abstracts, sessions, reviewers, orders and others.

How do I filter contacts and generate reports?

There’re multiple ways to do it.

First method (easy-peasy): Go to Contacts, Click on Add Filter and select the field and associated option by which you would like to filter contacts. On selecting an option, the page will return the list of all attendees who have chosen that option. You can also export them to a CSV file by clicking on Export button.

Second method: Go to Analytics > Custom Reports. Click on New Report to create a report. Choose Contacts and Attendees under usertypes section. Choose First Name, Last Name, Email and other values under “Choose Associated fields” section. Select a field and the associated option. Remove dates from the date range above and click on Save. Then click on View Report button to view the report and download as CSV.

Where is attendees QR codes in the mobile app?

The QR code comes embedded in the badge that you need to generate for your attendees using the Badge builder tool. 

You can also go to each attendee’s detail page to print their respective badges.

Your attendees will wear this badge and using the scanner, the exhibitors can scan the QR code embedded on those badges. Attendees can also do the badge scanning to collect each other’s contact information.

All these data collected are saved under vCards & Meetings tab in attendee dashboard and also in the backend.

Automated email notifications workflow

Automated email notifications are sent out when user or admin performs the associated action.

Admin can create custom email notifications that can be triggered on specific activity being performed.

Email notification

For example, if you want to be notified when a user selects “Yes” for a question, you can create a custom email notification, select the form and the question which when answered would trigger the form. Everytime, a user submits the form and answered that question, the concerned admin would receive the notification.Email Triggers


Is it possible to setup an automatic email schedule? E.g., for users who have not check-in yet, send them an email reminder with the location of the check-in booth?

an automated email notification is sent to attendees who have not
checked-in to the event. You can set the days before the event when you
want to send the notification and system will notify the attendees.