Why Dryfta asks for my event title, date and venue?

Everything on Dryfta is about event. So to use it, one has to add the very core of the event i.e. event name, date and venue. Based on that, Dryfta processes every other systems including ticketing, program schedule and other apps. It is mandatory to add these details.


Dryfta does not need ticketing details when you’re only using the platform for abstract submissions and peer reviews. But you still have to add the event details to make the website display Your event’s name and date, and not the default ones.

Can I add custom CSS in my event website? Yes you can.

Want to design your event website from the ground up? Choose a theme and then go to Website builder > CSS Manager. Add your CSS classes and properties, and then save. The saved CSS will display in the theme you have added the code for.

In CSS Manager, you can add CSS for all themes by choosing a theme from the top right.

We have given a blank CSS page to add your own CSS
properties in the existing classes for the theme currently selected.

find the CSS classes being used in a theme, simply access the CSS file
of the current theme.

Add the CSS classes and associated properties
in CSS Manager and then save.

Just make sure you are saving the CSS for
the theme which you are currently using other wise the changes wont show on the website.