Why Dryfta asks for my event title, date and venue?

Everything on Dryfta is about event. So to use it, one has to add the very core of the event i.e. event name, date and venue. Based on that, Dryfta processes every other systems including ticketing, program schedule and other apps. It is mandatory to add these details.


Dryfta does not need ticketing details when you’re only using the platform for abstract submissions and peer reviews. But you still have to add the event details to make the website display Your event’s name and date, and not the default ones.

How to style custom text content and homepage widgets?

You can adjust every styling of your event website according to your
liking, using the CSS Manager.

CSS Manager allows you to create your own CSS code and let you use these code to overwrite the default CSS of the event website themes.

To change the styling of a widget or custom text, simply find the CSS class being used for that
widget and then overwrite their CSS properties by adding your own
properties for that class.