How to assign abstracts to reviewers?

Abstracts can be assigned to reviewers using any of these four methods mentioned below:

Method 1 

Simply enable automated assignment to let system assign abstracts to reviewers automatically. Go to this tutorial to see how to enable automated assignment.

Note: Automated assignment does not work for panels due to the fact that the abstract per reviewer limit is dynamic and can be set to different number for each system. 

In systems where the number of abstracts in a panel that is allowed for submission is set higher than the abstract per reviewer limit set in automated assignment settings, the system would simply not be able to assign all abstracts of the panel to the reviewer.

Method 2 

Go to Manage/Assign abstracts, select abstracts in the list, then click on Assign Reviewers. This would list all the reviewers in the system. Simply select the reviewers to whom you want to assign the selected abstracts and then click on Save. 

Method 3

Go to an abstract, click on Reviewers & Reviews tab and select the reviewer to whom you want to assign this abstract. You have the option to display all reviewers in your system or only the reviewers who have similar topics as the abstract.

Method 4

Go to abstracts & Reviews > Import abstracts, click on Update abstracts tab. Download the sample file, open it in your computer and follow the steps below:

  1. Go to Import Abstracts > Update Abstracts
  2. Download the sample CSV file (includes all submitted/draft abstracts)
  3. Open the downloaded file and scroll to the last column “Assign Reviewers”
  4. Enter the email addresses of reviewers (separated by comma without space) to whom you want to assign the abstracts
  5. Save the file in CSV format and re-import it into the system in chunks of 300 abstracts per import. 
  6. Repeat the process for the next 300 abstracts.
Once each import is completed, the reviewers would be notified about the newly assigned abstracts.

Please make sure to not remove any existing column or add any extra column in the import file.

For review submission form, can we create more complex review questions?

You can create multiple questions with different data types.

Go to Form builder, choose Review submission form from the drop down, and create your desired fields. You can create Rating fields for eg., Originality, and let reviewers rate on a scale of 1 to 10.

Admin can create multiple rating questions. In the admin dashboard, the overall rating from that reviewer will be displayed for the abstract.

Admin can also assign an abstract to multiple reviewers. For more on how to create these questions and other fields, see our video tutorials.

What can I use Dryfta for?

Dryfta is an event management platform.

If you run an event, whether small or large, you can use Dryfta. How it makes your life easy? To begin with, it brings all your event management processes to one single platform so you can access them right from your computer. Secondly, it automates your event registration processes by providing forms for attendees to register and then saving those registration data into your interface for you to see and access anytime, from anywhere. It acts as your virtual assistant keeping you updated on your attendees, their food preferences, their ticket purchases, the sessions they’re attending, the leads and contact details they have collected, the one to one meetings secured between attendees, their interest and engagement levels by the activities they’re participating in, and many more.

It has an expansive abstract management system to manage call for papers from speakers, and peer review those papers. Everyone, including authors and reviewers have their own dashboards to manage their submissions and reviews respectively.

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