How do I create discount codes to provide discounts to participants when purchasing tickets?

To create discount codes, go to Discounts Manager (Find it on the left sidebar). 

Discount Title : *

Give a title to your discount

Discount Code : *

This discount code is used by the users to apply for discount while purchasing tickets

Discount Amount : *

Enter the amount you want to provide as discount

Discount Type : *
Fixed Amount  Percentage

Fixed amount type will deduct the actual amount from the ticket.
Percentage will deduct the percentage of the total from the ticket

Quantity : *

This defines how many times the discount code can be used throughout the event

Start Date : *
Calendar The discount code can be used only after the start date you set here

End Date : *
Calendar The discount code can not be used after the end date you set here

Published :

Set to Yes to activate the discount code for usage

Select Tickets*

The discount code will be applied only for the selected tickets.
Discount will be applied on the tickets separately. If tax is enabled
then tax will be applied on the discounted amount of each ticket.

Apply this discount code for :

All users

Members of this Conference / Event

Group registration / Multiple Tickets Purchase

Users with selected Roles

User who Registered between given Period

User who selected option(s) of Field(s)

How to add a contact as an administrator?

A contact cannot be an administrator.

However, we have a trick to use the email address of the contact to create an administrator account for him/her, using the same email address. To do that, simply add + sign in contact’s email address to register the contact as an administrator.

So, when that contact logs in next time, he/she simply adds the + sign in his email address to log in as an administrator. Add + sign as in the example below. You can also add a trailing number besides the + sign.


Another example:

What’s the best way to sign up administrators to the site? Can I customize the invitation email?

The super user (the one who signed up for the platform) can register admins and provide them with access to the admin dashboard. 

You can set access control for admins and general staff. So, for example, you can set one admin with access to the whole backend and another admin with access only to selected pages and actions. To create roles and access, go to Roles & Access Control on the sidebar.

How do I create a role and limit/grant access to content?


Here’re the steps to create a role and grant access to the limited-access content.

  1. Click on Roles & Access Control located on the sidebar and create a new role for contact user type.
  2. Choose the content you would like to provide access to this role.
  3. Now, go to Contacts.
  4. Select your contacts to whom you want to assign this new role you created.
  5. Hover on Tools icon on the top right.
  6. Click on Bulk Edit and pop up shall open.
  7. In the pop up, select Assign roles from the drop down.
  8. You would see the roles including the role you just created.
  9. Select the newly created role so the switch turns green
  10. Click
    on Save button. That’s it. Now, all selected contacts will be assigned
    with that custom role and will be able to access the limited-access

make sure, when creating/editing the limited-access content, it is set
to be accessible by the selected role only. You can do so by choosing
Custom roles and choosing the role for which this content will be

If we were to purchase the platform each spring, is there a way that we would use the same form template without having to recreate it each year?

  Yes, you can create a new event using your past event data. Event data includes everything in your current event. From contacts to orders. Forms to email templates. Abstracts to reviews. You have the option to choose which event data you want to copy to the new event. It takes only one click to copy your past event.

What control would we have over the content once our event is over? Is there a way that we could export our information?

the event is over, your event website remains up and running till you
wish to delete it. However, the access backend is revoked once your plan
subscription is over. You can export your data anytime. Data includes
attendees, abstracts, sessions, reviewers, orders and others.