How do I add reviewers in Dryfta?

You have four different ways you can add reviewers (in order of fastest to slowest)

Method 1: Let reviewers sign up on their own through the reviewer registration form (enable it from Website builder > Navigation) and entering their information. To make sure only invited users (Here’s how you can send invites) are able to register as reviewers, you can generate a secret code (go to Contact > Contact settings to generate the secret code) which you would need to send to all invitees. To complete their reviewer registration, they would need to enter the secret code you sent in the invitation.

Method 2: Import reviewers from your spreadsheet (see this tutorial) and then send an invite to them with a welcome email template.

Method 3: If you have existing contacts in your system and you want to convert them to reviewers, then simply select those contacts and click on Bulk Edit tool to assign reviewer role to the selected contacts. See this tutorial.

Method 4: Go to Contacts, click on Add New to add a contact. On the left, click on Select Usertype dropdown to select the Reviewer usertype and to activate the account. Click on Save in the top right corner. That’s it.

Why should I add Rating field in review submission forms?

Instead of using the Yes/No field in review submission form, you should choose the Rating field type for questions with scales viz. rating an abstract based on exclusivity. See the screenshot below.

Reviewers would still see the same questions to answer while reviewing the abstract, except that when you use the Rating field, the system calculates an average rating for the abstract based on each question answered by the reviewer. See screenshot below.

This helps chair determine very easily whether to accept/reject an abstract.

What’s the best way to sign up reviewers on the site so they can review abstracts?

The best way to sign up reviewers is to enable the Reviewer Registration button from Website builder > Navigation.

The Reviewer Registration form has fields which can be customized from the Form builder tool. 

The admin staff also has the option to add reviewers from the backend dashboard and send credentials to the reviewers so reviewer can log in to the dashboard using the credentials and submit reviews.

Is it possible to auto-assign reviewers to abstracts based on their topics/fields/disciplines?

Go to Abstract settings and enable the Automated assignment. the system would automatically assign the abstract/s to reviewers based on the topic that matches with the abstract and the reviewer. See screenshot.

You can also set a limit on number of abstracts that can be assigned per reviewer and number of reviewers that can be assigned per abstract.

How do reviewers log in to begin reviewing abstracts?

You can either create reviewers from your platform backend under Contacts or ask them to register from the event site by clicking on Reviewer Registration form.

Once registered, they will be able to log in to their dashboard.

As soon as you assign ans abstract for review to the selected reviewers, they would be notified of the assigned abstracts through an automated email notification.

They would click on the login URL in the email, log in to their dashboard and submit the review for the abstracts they have been assigned with.