How do I accept payments for approved abstracts?

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To accept payments for approved abstracts, you need to create a ticket under Basics (Not necessary if you want to choose an existing ticket) in your event dashboard.

Then go to abstract settings

Enable Accept payments for approved abstracts setting and Save.

You will now need to select a ticket type which will be used to accept payments for approved abstracts. The ‘Select a Ticket type’ drop down comes after you enable the above-mentioned payments button and save the settings.

The Abstract payment ticket will now be displayed in the list of tickets on your event website. Please note that this ticket will be hidden from general users and shall only display to authors who have one or more than one approved abstracts and are logged in.

Authors can now purchase this ticket type from the Buy tickets page (they also have to select the approved abstract from the drop down which is displayed when ticket quantity is selected).

Once the payment is confirmed,the associated abstract is displayed along side the purchased ticket.

Event admins can see these purchases under Orders in the event dashboard.