How do I add information in speakers and attendees public profile?

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It is pretty straightforward actually. In this tutorial, we will add a field to be displayed publicly in speakers profile. 

First, go to the Form builder tool, click on Create new form button to create a new form, name it, for example, Speakers bio, select the speaker role when asked to choose a role type. This creates a form which is supposed to be used to enter speaker-specific data.

Now. click on Add new field to create a new field called “Bio” under Speaker bio form. Enter all the details of the field, select the speaker bio form from the right, make it published, set access level to public so anyone who visits the website can see this field in the profile, and tick the box to display this field in the profile. See screenshot below.


Now, go to Contacts and click on a speaker’s profile to enter her bio. Let’s say, I want to add bio for Yvonne Stewart. I click on her name to go to her contact details page, and under Speakers bio section, I add some information about her in the Bio field and clicked on Save button to save it. See screenshot below.


This information, now displays under Yvonne’s overview section in her public profile. See screenshot.

We also have a lot of video tutorials you can take help of. Go to for our video tuts.