How do I add contacts to my conference/event?

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To add a contact, go to Contacts.

Click on Add New Contact on top right.

Choose a User type from the left section.

User type is used to determine the contact type and display the fields accordingly viz. Contact, Attendee, Author, Reviewer, Staff.

After choosing the user type, enter the details for the contact.

If you want to make this contact a speaker or a moderator, make this contact as an attendee first, and then save it. After the page reloads,
click on Make Speaker button to create this attendee as either a speaker or a
moderator. Technically, a speaker is an attendee so that’s why we made
it mandatory to make contact an attendee before he/she could be made
into a speaker/moderator.

The username and password you set for this contact will be emailed to him/her once you click on Send credentials button on top. Before clicking on the button, make sure you have saved the data.