How to view the list of abstracts reviewed by a reviewer?

To view the list of abstracts reviewed or not reviewed by a reviewer, you can use the Sort by Review status button.

1. Go to Contacts > Reviewers and search for the reviewer whose reviews you would like to view or simply click on the name of the reviewer. 

2. In Reviewer’s detail view, click on Reviews tab


To view list of reviews submitted, use the Sort by review status dropdown and select “Reviewed”. This would return a list of reviewed abstracts. 

Similarly, to view list of reviews not submitted, use the Sort by review status dropdown and select “Not Reviewed”. This would return a list of non-reviewed abstracts.

How to generate a report in Dryfta platform for reviews submitted by reviewers?

Custom reports allow you to have filtered reports letting you choose only what you need. Go to Analytics > Custom reports and look for report “Reviewers and their reviews”. You can edit the report setting to include additional data you want in the report. 

You can also create additional custom reports based on your requirements by clicking on “Create new report” button.

How does Dryfta calculates average rating of an abstract?

Dryfta calculates the average rating of an abstract based on a scale of 10. 

In your abstract management system, admin may have created review questions with different scale for each question. 

So, for example, you have a review question with scale rating from 0 to 5 and another review question with scale rating from 1 to 10. In this scenario, there’s no unique base scale out of which the system should calculate an average rating. 

That’s why the system is hard-coded to generate an average rating on a scale of 10 irrespective of the scale rating that an admin has set for various review questions in the review submission form.

Average rating of an abstract as given by a reviewer

To calculate average rating of an abstract, Dryfta would sum up a reviewer’s ratings for each question (see screenshot) and then multiply it by 2 to generate an average rating of the abstract on a scale of 10, as given by the reviewer.

Final average rating of an abstract

To generate the final score of an abstract, Dryfta would sum up average rating given by each reviewer for the abstract and then divide it by the total number of reviewers who reviewed the abstract. This generates the abstract’s final score on a scale of 10. See screenshot.

How do I add reviewers in Dryfta?

You have four different ways you can add reviewers (in order of fastest to slowest)

Method 1: Let reviewers sign up on their own through the reviewer registration form (enable it from Website builder > Navigation) and entering their information. To make sure only invited users (Here’s how you can send invites) are able to register as reviewers, you can generate a secret code (go to Contact > Contact settings to generate the secret code) which you would need to send to all invitees. To complete their reviewer registration, they would need to enter the secret code you sent in the invitation.

Method 2: Import reviewers from your spreadsheet (see this tutorial) and then send an invite to them with a welcome email template.

Method 3: If you have existing contacts in your system and you want to convert them to reviewers, then simply select those contacts and click on Bulk Edit tool to assign reviewer role to the selected contacts. See this tutorial.

Method 4: Go to Contacts, click on Add New to add a contact. On the left, click on Select Usertype dropdown to select the Reviewer usertype and to activate the account. Click on Save in the top right corner. That’s it.