How do I sign up for Dryfta event platform?

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 To sign up for a free account of the Dryfta Event Management Platform, go to
and Sign Up by entering your email address and your event domain name
of choice. The domain name would be like this: The
event name for the domain cannot be longer than 10 letters and digits.
You’re allowed to choose an alpha-numeric event domain name. For
example, ECMC2016.

Once you enter your domain name, the system
checks for availability. If the name is available, the system will go
ahead and create an account for you. The account creation process takes
no more than a few seconds.

After the account is created, an
email is sent to you with login credentials. You’ll also see the event
dashboard with a login form. To log in to your event platform, you will
need to enter the username/password credentials sent to the email with
which you signed up.

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